Cantina Novello - Avola (SR)

The project consists in a restoration of an old warehouse and includes renovation works necessary to adapt the building to the new function of small winery. 

In the entrance hall a new wooden loft was built and beneath it were obtained a little storeroom and the toilet for customers. 

In the rear room were placed the tanks and barrels for the wine and was built a small dressing room and toilet for staff. 

For a real tailored-made flooring was choosen acid stain concrete while the walls of toilet and the rear room were finished with microtopping which confers an extremely natural material effect and an original contemporary aesthetic.

Inside a cut in the plaster show the traditional sandstone which the walls were made in the past, outside some new decorative elements in limestone were placed near the preexistings.

I also designed the furnishings like counter called  "bubbles" with a skin of corten steel and the stool "gambadilegno" in solid beech.

New windows and doors were places instead old metallic rolling shutter.

Finally it was replaced the old roof  in asbestos with a new structural tile shaped insulated panel with an "old tile" weathered finish.