Town House - Avola (SR)

The site has a north-south orientation, overlooking two fairly busy urban streets.

The structure is made of reinforced concrete; a staircase connects the floors of the house dividing it in two portions destined to residence and  services. 

The main entrance is at an intermediate level respect to the building floors, the articulation of the ramps and landings stair, characterizes the internal space of the house such as the "raumplan". 

This complex spatiality is also visible from the outside through the curtain wall of the south-east facade, remarking the staircase.

This space is covered by a vaulted roof steel structure with covering of metal sheets. The same coating is used for the pitched roof while the remaining part of coverage is a terrace. 

The windows and the curtain wall are in lightweight aluminum with great sealing performance. The thermal break enables high thermal insulation and energy saving.